Sunday, November 28 2021
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Broadcast E-mails – In today’s electronic world, e-mail is still the most cost-effective way to deliver your message. GGMI can help your organization set up a broadcast e-mail account and assist with the writing and sending of regular or special messages to members and affiliates.

Printed/Electronic Newsletters – Keeping your members informed on a regular basis is important to maintaining high member satisfaction and retention. GGMI can help your organization produce and deliver print or electronic newsletters on a regular schedule or a one off basis. 

Web Sites – The Internet is usually the first place the public or prospective member goes to research your organization. This first visual contact is critical to the successful impression of your association. GGMI can provide web assistance or develop complete web site design, navigation, content and hosting solutions.

Specialty Services – Communication is a two-way street and high performing organizations strive to obtain member input and feedback on a regular basis. GGMI can assist with the development of online forums, surveys, social media and other tools to help you find out what your members are interested in and thinking about.